Solved: BSOD STOP: 0x0000003b 0x00000050 0x00000019



Just found a bug in an update combination: 2545698 & 2693391




If only 2693391 is installed => no problem.


If only 2545698 is installed => no problem.


If 2693391 is installed after 2545698 => no problem.


If 2693391 is installed before 2545698 => you end up in a BSOD with
0x0000003b (most often) or 0x00000050 (random) or 0x00000019 (random)




I can reproduce the error.

I always get the BSOD, if I try to copy files, or delete files using right click; try to start the task manager or just wait for a while.
Maybe there are also other situations.


After removing of 2545698 (that was installed after 2693391) or removing 2693391 everything is ok again.



The best solution to get rid of this BUG is: uninstall 2693391 - reboot!!! - reinstall 2693391.



Interesting: removing of 2693391 causes a double boot; installation of 2693391 does not ask for a reboot.



Hard work to find. If you install a bulk of 125 updates and get a BSOD; there are a lot of installs and uninstalls and reboots needed.

Especially, if Dr. Google and Mr. Bing say something about "bad drivers" or "graphic card" issues.



Normally, that problem should not occur. 2545698 was released 1/2 year before 2693391.

I had following situation:
I removed 2545698 version to install version But before I did, I installed 2693391, so I ran in the bug.
Also it does not matter which version of 2545698 you use.
I can not really decide, but I thing the bug is in updates 2693391 (a hotfix) and not in 2545698 (a WU update).


I only tested this in a VM. So I don't know if this happens on a real pc also.



I will try to make some changes to KUC to reflect this.

Something like
“only install 2693391 if 2545698 is installed before”
“remove 2693391 before installing 2545698”