KUCSolved: Installation of KB2907020 hangs at 100%.

Solved: Removal of KB2483564, KB2506014, KB2574819, KB2871997 or KB2973351 hangs at 100%.



The issue is related to other updates that are installed on the system.

Currently, I’ve determined 15 updates are involved.

If all of these 15 are removed, KB2907020 can be installed and KB2483564, KB2506014, KB2574819, KB2871997, KB2973351 can be removed without any problem.


The 15 updates are all SatisfyWU updates. A quick solution is to disable “SatisfyWU” in KUC.
Then the installation and/or the removal will work. After that you can enable “SatisfyWU” again.



I will implement a new feature in KUC to reflect this (all versions>


Something like:
“first remove the 15, then add or remove the hanging updates, then install some of the 15 again.”