KUCSolved: Error 14101 when you try to install KB3161606 or HyperV-Integration-Service.




The issue is related to the new HyperV-Integration-Service KB3158626 version 6.3.9600.18339.

To install KB3161606 on Windows6.3 systems, you must first remove the new HyperV-Integration-Service.

To install the new HyperV-Integration-Service you must first remove KB3161606.


If uninstallation does not work, run:
         dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup

Reboot your system and try the installation again.



KB3161606 and KB3158626 have the same component “wnetvsc.inf” version 6.3.9600.18339.

But the manifests of both are different.


If you are affected by KB3158626 install KB3161606 on the host and KB3158626 on the clients.

But first try if an installation of KB3161606 on the host and the clients solves the problem.


Unfortunately I have one VM 2012R2 client that loses his network connections, when I tried to install KB3158626.

This problem could only be solved in safe mode.

Make sure KB3161606 is completely removed (using the command above) before you install KB3158626.

So, do not try to add the new Integration Services even Hyper-V Manager shows “Update required”.



You may also have problems to install KB3158626 version 6.3.9600.18398 or 6.3.9600.18339, if Exchange is running in the VM.
If you check the state of “Microsoft-Hyper-V-Integration-Services-Package-2”, you will see, that it is “staged”.
To install the Hyper-V-Integration package, you have to start the VM with all Exchange services disabled.
(Safe boot does not work here).
Install the package, reboot the VM, remove the old Hyper-V-Integration package, restart the VM again,
re-enable the Exchange services and make a final reboot.