KUC for W7 Change Log:                                                           Win7 HotfixChangeLog:x86x64


KUC for W7 does not maintain Windows 8.1 systems.
Use KUC for W8.1 instead.
Link: http://update-checker.com/download/ (Oct. Cum.)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Added new servicingstack handling (Sep. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU (Sep. Cum.)

·    Updated Database (Aug. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Aug. Cum.)

·    Updated Database (Jul. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Jul. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Jul. Cum.)

·    Updated Database (Jul. Cum.)

·    Updated Database (Jun. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU (Jun. Cum.)

·    Updated Database

·    Added: A warning will popup, if the QualityCompat registry value is (still) not correct. (look below)
A user
reported, that some .net updates will not popup in Windows Update, if the value in not set correctly. (thanks to alfred) (May Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (May Cum.)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU (not a public version)

·    Updated download links (Apr. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database

After installation of KB4093113 (the preview)
KB4093118 (31KB x64 / 30KB x86) will popup in Windows update again.
This is related to “pciclearstalecache.exe”.
KB4093118 will popup again and again even you install it.
Look for the size of the update, if it is 31/30KB, just hide it. (Apr. Cum.)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Removed: check for AV registry KEY. (not a public version)

·    Updated Database (Mar. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Mar. Cum.)

·    Updated Database (Feb. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Feb. Cum.)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU (x86 only) (Jan. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Database (Jan. Cum.)

·    Updated Database

·    Added: /NOAV command line option to avoid AV Reg key checking.
To set the key manually use
Use the switch only if no AV is installed or your AV does not set the key correctly.

If you do not restart after remove_old.cmd the installation of Jan rollup will/may fail. (Jan. Processor Sec.)

·    Added: check AV registry KEY:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat\cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc = 0
If you get a WARNING use KUC or update your AV software or set the key correctly. (Jan. Processor Sec.)

·    Updated Database

·    fix some download links (Dec. Cum.)

·    Updated Database (Nov. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Nov. Cum.)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    fix some download links (Oct. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Oct. Cum.)

·    Updated Database (Oct. Cum.)

·    Updated Satisfy WU (Sep. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Satisfy WU (thanks to alfred) (Sep. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database

·    Bugfix in Database  (thanks to john)

No preview this month.

·    Updated Database (Jul. Cum.)

·    Updated Satisfy WU

5 years of KUC I managed to add a donate option.
Some people asked me to do that.
So, if you like the program it would be great if you would support the project with a donation.
Due to high traffic, only the website costs 340$/year.
The Amazon e-gift cards must be purchased on Amazon.de

·    Updated Database (Jun. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Jun. Cum.)

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database (Mai. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Database (Mai. Cum.)

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Added .net 4.7 web-installer
Note: There is a (bug) in the 4.7 web-installer, so you have to run KUC first,
before you can install .net 4.7.
Also Note: KUC needs at least .net 4.6.1 or .net 4.6.2.

·    Updated Database (Apr. Cum. Preview)

·    Satisfy WU NOT updated

·    KUC now checks for a pending reboot (if you run as admin)

·    Updated Satisfy WU

Satisfy WU Updates that are caused by “preview of monthly quality rollup”
will not be added in the future.

·    Bugfix: last rollup is 4015549 and not 4015546 (thanks to abbodii)

·    Updated Database (Apr. Cum.)

·    Updated Satisfy WU

1. For DVD-installations KB3020369 was re-added. KB3177467 causes dism error 0x800f082f. (thanks to

2. KB4016754 will not be offered by KUC. This update must be installed manually with wusa and does not apply to most systems.

KB2446710, KB2778662, KB2992611 or KB3018238 will not be re-offered by WU if you run cleanmgr.

·    Updated Database (Mar. Cum. Preview)

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    added WMF 5.1

·    bug fix (Mar. Cum)

·    Updated Database (Jan. Cum)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

Note KUC can’t check the version of 3210694. (Dec. Cum)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    bug fix (thanks to john and abbodii)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated download links (theoretically it’s possible to download more than 6500 updates)

·    New feature: old KUC versions (>= 4.00) can be used for rollbacks, i.e. even a new KUC is out, all downloads should work. Look at the change log for W8.1

·    To free up server space most of the superseded updates and hotfixes will be downloaded from MS. (Nov. Prev. Cum)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU (Nov. Cum)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    changed: update installation order.

·    updated: Satisfy WU info.


                      Note: 3177467x64 does not solve issue 5 of the Convenience Rollup Report any more.

·    changed: update installation order.

·    fixed: minor bugs.

·    updated: Satisfy WU info.


                      Note: 3177467x64 solves issue 5 of the Convenience Rollup Report
           on x86 systems 2533552 is still offered.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Added: Rollupfix


                      Note: 3181988 solves issue 1 of the Convenience Rollup Report

                                3185278 solves issue 3

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    new CSVFileView added

·    Updated Database


Note: KB3177725 has printing issues and war removed by KB3187022 for W8.1 and W7.
For W10 1511 you have to remove & hide KB3176493 to solve the problem.

·    Updated Database

·    Added: new command-line switch /READDALL

To make sure all installed updates have updated all needed components, I decided
to implement a new feature that re-adds all. This is a kind of brute force method,
but all other ways are hard to program and hard to maintain.
All updates (> 100) are copied to the install folders “normal” and “LDR”.
Use this switch only if WU and KUC are satisfied and make sure you have enough free disk space (>15GB).
To reduce the needed disk space, you must split the updates that have to be reinstalled.
Non superseded updates will only be re-added, if [State] is “Installed”.
SP1 will not be re-added, “SP2” will.

In most cases you will not see any effect, this is related to “SP2”.

Why is this option needed:
Some updates contain components for additions/roles/features and also normal components.
If an addition is not installed at the time you install the update, these components will
not be installed.

If you install the addition later (not using KUC), WU will not offer all updates that must be re-installed.
KUC will see those updates as installed and will not re-offer them, also.

If you install the addition using KUC, KUC will reinstall all effected updates.

So, “ReAddAll” is intended for users, that have added additions/features not using KUC.


·    Updated LP related updates.

·    Updated Database

·    Fixed: No need to re-add “SP2”, if WUC is selected after the last updates.

·    Updated LP related updates.

·    Updated Database

·    Know issues:
If you plan to enable Desktop expirience in Windows server, do this before
removing all the superseded files or after installation of SP2.
Inbetween the installation may fail. (This can not be solved by KUC.)

·    Fixed: Due to installation errors, KUC will now prevent iSCSI TargetDisk installation, if SP2 is not installed.
If you still get error messages, try to run cleanmgr first.

·    Bug fix: When there were more than 75 update to remove, KUC removed older updates first - that was wrong. Symptom: more than expected dism errors 1168.

·    Added: Feature to re-apply all Language Pack related updates.
Check this option, after you add a new Windows Language Pack.
Selecting this option will disable the max. Limit of 75 files.
All none superseded updates with not superseded resource-packages will be re-added.
Note: WU will offer different and not all needed updates, but may/will be satisfied after the run.
(Only needed for Enterprise, Ultimate and Server editions)
This feature is not optimal at the moment. There may be still some updates that
pop up in WU, but they should all be superseded.

I also had to learn that “WU is satisfied” is not the same as “all needed resources are installed”.
When I prophylactically run this feature on my server, I was surprised, that one resource component was added.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Maximum number of updates to remove in one run fixed to 75.

·    Added: Telemetry (to uninstall uncheck the box).

·    Updates that have to be installed manually online, will now be installed automatically (using wusa.exe).
So, update.cmd now calls update_Normal, update_LDR and update_Manual.

·    Reordered entries of Select Options 1.

·    WUA renamed to WUC.

·    KUC checks the size of CBS.log at the beginning and popups a message if >512MB.
A size>256MB may slowdown the update/removal performance.
Use command line switch “
/NOCBS” to disable this check.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Added: new routine, that solves
hanging installation at 100%          of 2907020 (
thanks to Ron7590 who found this update issue)
hanging removal at 100%              of 2483564, 2506014, 2574819, 2871997, 2973351. (look down)
(It looks like “Trusted Installer” runs into a deadlock and cannot be stoped sometimes.)

To make the solution possible, several updates have to be removed.
Up to now I could determine 15 that are involved.
All of these updates are superseded, but have been needed to satisfy WU.
After their removal 2907020 can be installed and/or 2483563, …, 2973351 can be removed.
After that, the updates needed to satisfy WU will be re-installed.

·    The new routine partially solves issue 4 of the Convenience Rollup report, also.
Only KB2446710, KB2478662 and KB3018238 (shown as KB2992611 on servers) will pop up in WU after running Disk Cleanup.

·    Removed: all known bugs.

·    Probably added: unknown bugs.

·    Add 3145739 as normal Update (former SatisfyWU)

·    Moved some Updates on my server.

·    Changed:
“SP2” will not be offered, if 2970228 is not installed.
2970228 will not be offered, if 2919469 is not installed.
This is related to the Convenience Rollup KB3125574 Issues report.
KUC now test if the iCountry code of English(Canada) is set correctly to 1.
For *-RU Localname it also checks if the sCurrency is set to
. (0x20BD)

·    To make things shorter KUC is now available at: http://update-checker.com.

·    You can remove RDP8.0/RDP8.1 by unchecking the addition now (with security question).
This is related to faulty update 2574819. The attempt to remove this update,
may cause that you must reinstall RDP8.0/RDP8.1.

·    You can remove GetWindows X, also (without security question).

·    Fixed bug: LDR update was offered, although it does not exist.

·    Fixed AD LDS updates after “SP2”.

·    “SP2” issure correction: removement of 2506014x64_BF may hang on clients also. => “KEEP”
Correction: the update can be removed, but it will take it’s time. Since there is a long delay
(10-20min for me) to remove this update, I will keep the status to “KEEP”. But, if you want, you could try to remove it manually.

·    Update tooltip for VPC,RSAT, … so Dr.Goolgle is no longer needed
(thanks to Tecno PC Ecuador, who made a good video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqFOcFK3iUs)
Give him many likes

·    At this point I also (also,also,also..) have to thank abbodii and pointzero.

·    Service stack update will be offered for offline integration.

·    “SP2” will not be offered for offline integration (it could, but should not be integrated)
(A bad thing: first online installation of “SP2” cost 20-30min.).
(A good thing: first WU search after “SP2” in round about 5min.)

·    However the is a new force “SP2” checkbox.

·    Service stack update now correctly set as pre-request for “SP2”.

·    To allow IE11 integration, “SP2” is maked out as IE11 pre-request for offline installations.

·    added some “SP2” rules for embedded.

·    If KUC adds a new IE11 language and “SP2” is installed, “SP2” will be re-added automatically (KUC assumes you add a new LP).
Note you have to reinstall most of the features if you add a new language.

·    Fixed some AD LDS issues.

·    Satisfy WU page updated.

·    Rearrange column order of packages_out file.

·    New version of CSVFileView.exe added.

·    If KUC wants to install and remove 2603229x64 all the time you have installed “SP2” offline. You must correct the registry entry manually.


Setting “SP2” to DVD prohibided, was not an easy decision, but the only possible.

Based loosley on Sherlock Holmes:
“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the only possible.”


More known issues or “SP2”:
Some updates/hotfixes will not work, if they are installed after “SP2”.
Especially one of those is an online update (2603229).

Why? Normally an update looks if a newer version is already installed.
Since “SP2” supersedes nearly all other manifests, old needed updates will not work.
KB2603229 is an online update. So even a newer manifest exists, it has not done its work offline.

It’s not update 2603229, there are workarounds for this one, it’s the general uncertainty that makes “SP2” DVD prohibited.

=> The only way to get around this is not to integrate “SP2” in an installation DVD.

Make also sure all updates, hotfixes and features/additions are installed before you add “SP2”.

Also note: If you install “SP2” online KB2603229 is not needed, the online installation of “SP2” will also correct the bad registry entry.

To cut a long story short: KUC will not offer “SP2” for offline installations.

Windows-Explorer address line sometimes not visible.

·    Fine-Tuning

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Minor Bugfixes

·    a lot of new rules for “SP2”

·    Download Speed improved a little for fast internet connections (100MBit).

·    New info page for updates that popup in WU even all updates are installed, will only be shown, if KUC is satisfied.
3046269+2603229x64+2646060 must to be added manually(double-klick the .msu).

·    Most additions require a re-installation of “SP2”.
KUC now adds SP2 automatically, if one of those features is selected.
Re-installation cost 5-10min.

·    “only install LDR” is now checked, if KUC founds more than 1 LDR only update.

·          There are no IIS,MSMQ,NFS,SNMP,SUA,Media,GroupP,Cluster,Hyper-V,remoteFx updates at the moment.

Known issues:
On some Client Systems I had problems to uninstall 2574819_BF(this was always a faulty update).
The “Removing package” process hangs at 100%. Maybe you have to wait for half an hour or so. You can cancel the process with ctrl+C.

Marked as “KEEP”.


Complete SatisfyWU page

·    Updated Satisfy WU for servers

·    All downloads should work now.

·    “SP2”included.

1.     Multiple runs/restarts are necessary to remove all superseded updates.

2.     “SP2” will be offered if all other updates are installed.

3.     Look on “only install LDR”, maybe unchecked if KUC founds too less LDR updates.

4.     Install all language-packs and additions before “SP2”.

5.     Install all other updates before “SP2”, especially all Satisfy WU.

6.     You have to re-apply “SP2” after you add a new feature, addition or language.

7.     Since this update should be the last update you add, it can not be integrated.
It may be integrated, it there are no pending operations.

8.     You should have 7GB of free disk space.

9.     400-700 updates to remove.

10. If the system stays for more than 1h in “Preparing to configure Windows.” power off and restart the system.

11. Performance slows down if you remove more than 100 updates at once.
Tip: remove the pause in the “remove_old.cmd” file and let it run overnight.
Performance seems to be a little bit higher if you add “SP2” before removing the hundreds of superseded updates.
Disable of anti-virus software or defender may speed up the process. (not recommended)

12. Overall installation time 1-6h.

13. During the removement you will get several 0x800f0902 errors, no problem, those updates will be removed after the next reboot when you run KUC again.

14. Disable WU to avoid BAD packages.

15. Not all old updates can be downloaded with this version. I have to move the updates to the “OLD for BAD” folder first.
     If you run in an “BAD updates found” condition, and update are not found, try version to repair this.

Known issues with “SP2”:

Ultimate shows all hided LP updates again.:-\

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) versions 4.5, 4.6, and 5.0 may have problems loading (fix can be found in the KB). L

Not activated, out of evaluation Ultimate(30 days), Enterprise(30 days), SBS(60 days), WHS(30 days), WSS(30 days) and WMP(3 days) servers will rearm with new evaluation days.J
Uninstallation of 2506014 and 2483564 hangs on 2008 R2 servers. I have changed the Status of those 2 updates to “KEEP”.



If you have and problems downloading files, please e-mail me.

I will start to move the old updates to the “OLD for BAD” folder, so they will be found.

I did not test all Win7 extras jet. But most of them will work.
I have removed some updates from “Satisfy WU”, so if an update pops-up after KUC says 0 to add and 0 to remove, please e-mail me.
“SP2” is not a real SP2. But it includes updates that have never been published and also speeds up WU itself.
You have to re-apply it if you add Languages or Features.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    MS has withdrawn update 3139923 (causes .msi installation issues)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

KUC now needs .net 4.6.1 (web installer can be found inside the zip)

·    Bugfix: Even “Satisfy WU” was unchecked, most of the updates were still offered. (thanks to abbodii who found this bug I made 2015-12-10)

·    Fix: console keeps open. (also thanks to abbodii)
Sorry for that. In debug mode i to switch to Console Application and sometimes if forget to reset the app back to Form Application.
This does not affect the functionality of the programm but is not nice.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    added: WMF 5.0

·    removed some Satisfy WU updates for DVD installations.
These updates were offered by WU even GDR and LDR were installed offline.
Now, KUC only offers this Satisfy WU updates if you run KUC online.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    fixed IE prerequests (thanks to Abbodii and Dino)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    fixed: some download links

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    NOTE: WMF 5.0 has installation issues, if you have installed the update the child is already fallen into the well, so no need to remove it,
checkbox now unchecked, if not installed.

·    NOTE: MS has stopped support for IE8,IE9,IE10; you have to upgrade to IE11 now.

·    Updated Database

·    minor database bugfixes

·    added: WMF 5.0

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    added: check if I’m updating the reopsitory at the moment. (thanks to Abbodii)

·    Database fixes

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU


About missing-WU-updates.exe: this little program uses the windows update api to check what drivers or updates are missing.
The output is nearly the same than that of WU, except it shows some drivers and hidden updates also. (For W7 it takes ages, for W10 it’s ok and for W8.1 it’s in-between.)

About check_for_missing_components.exe: this program checks, if you could be affected by the 0x3000D upgrade error in case you want to upgrade to W10.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    minor database bugfixes

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v2.20 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html (thanks to abbodii)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Enabled disable display scaling on high DPI settings



Note: GDR version of 3072595 may cause BAD packages. => DVD prohibited and Warning.



Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v2.16 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Bugfix for 3075222, 3075226

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v2.15 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    IE10 Satisfy WU  (thanks to john)

·    IE10 Database Bugfix (thanks to john)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v2.10 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

Now there is also a 64-bit version!

·    Updated Database (thanks to pointzero and abbodii)

·    Updated Satisfy WU


Note: 3022345 superseded J.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v2.06 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

Just to remember, if you place the csvview.exe in the KUC folder, KUC offers to create/open the output file in csvview.exe


·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU


Note: Solve / avoid problems with KB3022345.

0. Disabel Windows Update
1. Install all other updates first (including service stack).

     2. Restart you system to have no pending updates

     3. Install LDR pack

     4. Restart

     5. Enable Windows Update

     6. Use Windows Update to install GDR version.

     7. (recommended: run “sfc /scannow”)


If you already run into the problem:

Disabel Windows Update
Use Remove_OLD.cmd to uninstall all ½ installed parts of 3022345, 3061518 and 3042058.

Use Windows-Update history to remove updates: 3022345, 3061518 and 3042058.

Then use the above procedure.

Then run “sfc /scannow” and correct all errors.

·    Bugfix Clinet BPA (if last KUC versions had installed 981390, 981392, 2386667 you can remove those updates)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU


Note: KUC will not offer 2533552 to SatisfyWU, it’s a permanent update.

·    Updated Database

·    minor Bugfixes

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Added: Get Windows X - Addition

·    Removed: Client BPA - Addition


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v2.05 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Database (thanks to tistou and abbodii)

·    Updated Satisfy WU (thanks to adric and pegasus)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Satisfy WU (IE10)

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database  (thanks to abbodii)


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v2.01 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Download Bugfix

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Database Bugfixes (thanks to abbodii and pointzero)

·    Program Bugfixes


Note: 3004908 will not be offered if 955484 is not installed.
Also 3004908 will not be offered if you update the packages.txt after you remove 955484.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU


KUC now needs .net4.5.1
if you get:
FATAL ERROR 438: Method not found: ‘Int32 System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.SizeOf(!!0)’
install .net4.5.1 or higher


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v2.00 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Database Bugfixes

·    Database Bugfixes (thanks to pointzero)

·    Database Bugfixes (2878068x86 superseded) (thanks to abbodii)

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Database Bugfixes


KUC now needs .net4.5.1

to save space on my web server I had to delete most of the superseded updates (4GB)
if you run in a “BAD” update condition, they will be downloaded form MS
if you find any bad link (“update not found”), please report to my e-mail.

2970228 added

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Old WUA files in the repo folder will be ignored



Note: 2982791 and 2970228 have been removed to prevent stop error. (thanks to inteliboy)

Note: Since WUA is updated do not forget to recheck the WUA checkbox.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Database Bugfixes


Note: 2964833 does not solve the problem with the RDP connection also,
so 2923545 is still the version to use.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Added: LockdownManager


Note: 2964832 does not solve the problem with the RDP connection
so 2923545 is still the version to use.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Added: Work Folder Addition


Note: although 2925429 has the most resent version of “windows-t..s-clientactivexcore”
KUC will declare it as superseded by 2923545.
I have done this, since I was not able to connect to my Hyper-V virtual machines or my server if 2925429 was installed.
If somebody has a workaround please let me know.


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.96 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Bugfixes (thanks to compstuff, shark777, pointzero)

·    Loglevel of all dism commoands set to 4


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.93 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Bugfixes (thanks to compstuff, gladwin, abbodi1406)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Number of known updates 2081.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU (thanks to pegasus80)

·    Fix: IE11 Cum updates were not marked as superseded (thanks to sgegreen)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated Database  (Thanks to bapt)

·    2483564 is only not superseded for W2008R2 std/Datacenter
for clients and other servers it’s superseded.

·    Updated Database

·    Some fixes for WMF4

·    Removed CSVView.exe from the zip file, it can be downloaded here.

Note: MS has removed the CSVview.exe form his virus/malware list.

·    Added WMF4

·    Updated Satisfy WU



Note:  new command line switch /NET45-IS-INSTALLED
The WMF4 package is the MS muli-pack, so it will install 2872035 and 2872047 also.
I do not know why MS has added 2872047 to the pack since it is superseded
after WMF4 is installed.

Note: RDP8.0 (Server+Client) does NOT mean it’s for server installations.
If you use your system only as client, you only need RDP8.1 (Client only).
BUT if you want to connect to your system from another computer, you
should also install RDP8.0 (Server+Client)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Enhancement: New Additions IE11, RDP8.1, Server Ess. Connector

·    Several minor bug fixes.

·    Number of known updates 1984.



Note: 2446710 will still come up in WU after running Windows Update Cleanup (no problem here).
But also the GDR versions of 2857650 and 2685939 will be removed. That may case a problem
with RDP 80 and RDP 81. I noticed in the past that, if the GDR versions were removed, I got
problems with the installation of the RDP versions (see version
So again:
Avoid using Windows Update Cleanup for Win7, KUC does the job for you and also tries
to prevent such problems.

IF you use KUC to install the new IE11, make sure you have deleted all IE11 preview/beta updates
in the repo folder.
If not all IE11 pre-requests are installed the IE11 checkbox will be disabled.

Note the pre-request are not the once MS lists. They are updated with each new KUC version
and are determined by the superseding updates. Here is the current list:
x86 2896820, 2878068, 2670838, 2756651, 2779272, 2768486, 2786081, 2834140, 2882822, 2888049
x64 2905569, 2878068, 2670838, 2756651, 2779272, 2768486, 2786081, 2834140, 2882822, 2888049

Since I’m low with time there may be some updates I missed.


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.92 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Database: 2770436 superseded (Thanks to alex)

·    Enhancement: Invert remove order (speeds up the removal time).

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Updated permanent updates


Note: 2862331 is a virtual update number for update “2862330 for USB Boot” (Update-ID 40475 and 40583).
This has to be done to avoid conflicts with the normal 2862330 update. I don’t understand why somebody
thinks it’s a good idea to give different updates the same filename and same KB#.  But maybe nobody
was thinking.

There is also a new update 2883457 for the WinRe.wim.


Update 2855844 adds a “kind of” Windows-Update-Cleanup to “Diskcleanup”. This does not work very
well. It removes some superseded updates, but some of them will be reoffered by WU (2446710, 2685811, 2685813).
I could solve the problem with 2685811, 2685813. GDR and LDR version of these updates are identical.

So I removed the LDR version and only the GDR version will be installed.


It does not clean or shrink the winsxs folder for me. Also it removes RPD8.0 prerequest updates.
So I had to uninstall and reinstall RDP8.0 to clean the WU reoffers.

To reflect the new Windows-Update-Cleanup I changed Satisfy WU update 2604115 to 2446710.
Both of them will be removed by the cleanup process, but always 2446710 will be shown in WU as missing.

Most of the updates this time are driver updates. And most of those are USB related.
I had a lot of problems to upgrade to Win8.1 directly from Win7. Even without saving my data.
If I disabled all USB ports on my machine (and worked with ps2 keyboard and serial mouse), the upgrade
process worked better.  It seams that even if you say: “do not keep anything” the upgrade process
tries to use the installed driver configuration. Upgrade finally worked, if I remove ALL drivers offline.
(dism /get-drivers and dism /remove-driver). This has to be done offline using WinPE or a 2. installed OS.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Database

·    Added Database entries for IE11 cab installer, Spelling, Hyphenation, LanguagePacks  rtm beta
If you have installed IE11 consumer preview, it will be uninstalled by the remover.

So, in this particular “beta” case, you have to first run the copier - updater and then the remover.
You must remove the old IE11 files in the repo, also!!
If any of the LP, Spelling or Hyphenation files could not be downloaded in your language,
please send me your packages.txt.

·    Updated Database


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.91 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Bugfix: superseded updates that are not superseded in other foundations could not be found.

·    Enhancement: If all parts of an update are superseded except a registry setting,
KUC now checks, if the registry is already set correctly, before it offers the update.
(Only works, if you run KUC online, otherwise the update still is flagged “ADD”)

·    Updated Database

·    Updated Satisfy WU

·    Fixed some updates for RDP x86 where missing.
For RDP updates it’s necessary that you follow the installation rule:
1. pre-request (2574819 GDR!!!), 2. RDP (2592687), 3. RDP updates (2862019).
If you remove one in the line, you have to start form the beginning.
I have overworked this part, so new installation should now work automatically.
If you have already installed RDP 8.0 check if you can install 2862019. If NOT, reinstall.
A similar problem could occur for DVD installations.
I was not able to remove 2574819-v1 GDR for x64 systems; x86 made no problems.

·    Add info about installation of “Application Initialization Module for IIS 7.5” this my fail if some IIS updates are installed. Thanks to JakeLD who found this issue.

·    Changed download name to “KUC W7 Update checker “

·    New command line switch “/net4x-is-installed
Use this in combination with the DVD or VHD switches, if you are
sure .net4 or higher is installed-

·    changed: REMOVELATER to REMOVE (even superseding updates are not installed)

·    New LDR updater (to enable old version remove/REM “GOTO NEW_LDR” in the Update_LDR.cmd

·    Updated Database

·    Bug fixed: one user reported a GPF with Exception Code e0434f4d with version and 2801.

·    Fixed: superseded updates with KUC state “OK/INFO” or “OK/WARNING” were not marked for remove. Thanks to adric who found this issue.

·    Updated Database

·    Fixed: KUC tried to add WMF updates even WMF is not installed and WMF was not selected
Thanks to
pointzero who found this issue.

·    Thanks to pointzero who made so many test for this new version.

·    Updated info texts.

·    Added: It should now be possible to install WMF 3.0 via KUC if:
1. All other updates are installed
2. The packages.txt file is created inside of KUC
3. KUC finds .net 4 or .net45 installed
If KUC does not find .net4x installed WMF will be removed.


Solved: Platform update 2670838 is not compatible with Visual Studio 2012 or 2010 or 2013
I solved the compatibly issue, it was a combination of the
platform update and FastPictureViewer Codec Pack
After many searches here the web page for the solution:
Many thanks to quppa.

Note: you have to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Camera Codec Pack after you uninstall FastPictureViewer Codec Pack
to be able to view your RAW camera pictures.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Minor bug fixes

·    Number of known updates >1800 (that should be the right time to release SP3, but unfortunately we still have SP1).

·    Added Database entries for IE11 beta
Note: Using IE11 in its beta state is not recommended.


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.90 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Fixed: 2658846, 2845690 not found in Satisfy WU folder, missing update links. Thanks to pointZero.


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.87 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Database

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Fixed: 2619234 superseded. Thanks to DJAlik.

·    Minor bug fixes


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.86 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Database

·    Fixed: 2483564 superseded for x86. Thanks to abbodi1406.

·    Updated Database

·    Fixed: 2798787 not superseded if server or RSAT. Thanks to DJAlik.

·    Updated Database

·    Enhancement: Now you can select if you with to install the platform update.

·    Fixed: 2521923, 2813347 are superseded. Thanks to pointzero.


Note: Platform update 2670838 is still not compatible with Visual Studio 2012 (even with the new updated packages)
(As all additions,  you have to remove 2670838 yourself)


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.82 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Updated Database

·    Enhancement: Support for systems without platform update installed.

·    Fixed: Added LDR version of some old updates.

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Updated Database


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.80 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Fixed: SatisfyWU for 2823180 (it’s 2809215 what is needed)

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Enhancement: Support for 968211.

·    Number of known updates 1648 (note SP1 had only round about 900).

·    Updated Database

·    Fixed: 2742516 superseded for non embedded systems. Thanks to pointzero.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Fixed: 2757638 superseded for x86. Thanks to abbodi1406.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Removed: AMD disable core parking checkbox. (is included in enterprise update)

·    Fixed: Language pack installation for IE10.

·    Fixed: Database error for 2785146. Thanks to DJAlik who found this 3 month old error.



If you plan to use IE10 for a DVD, first uninstall all IE9 and IE8 packages.
You can only uninstall IE8 packages, if IE9 is no longer present. So first uninstall all IE9 then all IE8 packages. 
There are some IE8 packages that can only be removed online. 
Also note: You can not remove packages with state: “Uninstall pending”. These packages normally blocked
by other packages that you must remove first.
KUC dynamically checks the IE10 pre-requested updates. So with each new version of KUC this updates may defer.
That means that you have to install all new IE10 pre-requests before KUC will install Language Packs.
That’s not really nice but secure.

This time there will be a lot of update to remove (most of them have been superseded by 2775511,
unfortunately this update is not applicable for embedded Systems, so I had to add a lot of exceptions in the program
and to make a lot of file movements on my server.
Also platform update 2670838 is still not compatible with Visual studio 2010 or 2012.

On some systems I got some dism messages like “could not install due to pending updates”.
No panic! Ignore this, restart the system and run KUC again.

·    Updated Database

·    Enhancement: Support for IE10 added.

·    Fixed: a lot of minor issues.


Note: Platform update 2670838 may not be compatible with Visual Studio 2010 => Got following Error at Program start =>
Content Load Error
System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException loading “Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.UI.Internal;component/StartPage.xaml”:
Provide value on ‘System.Windows.Baml2006.TypeConverterMarkupExtension’ threw an exception.

Solved (look above!!)

·    Number of known updates ????.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Changed: Reduce timeout for version check from 100 to 5 sec. to speed up program start with no internet connections.

·    Added: Download links for rollup-update for WHS and SBS.

·    Number of known updates 1544.

·    Updated Database

·    Updated SatisfyWU.


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.71 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html (Bug fix) Thanks to woniu and nobbie!

·    Updated Database.

·    Number of known updates 1488.

·    Updated SatisfyWU.

·    Even 2545698 is superseded now, KUC will not remove it to avoid BSOD (look in the FAQ).


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.70 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Database.

·    Number of known updates 1446.

·    Updated Database.

·    Fixed: 2689311 is superseded. Thanks to pointzero.

·    Updated Database.

·    Due to extreme high traffic I had to restrict my server and had to remove the big files. To download these files use KUC or follow the links.

·    The beta updates 2670838 and IE10 are not added (beta updates made to much trouble in the past).

·    Fixed: Updates that are superseded if RDP 8.0 is installed.


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.67 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Updated Database.

·    Number of known updates 1400.

·    Updated Database.

·    Enhancement: New Addition for RDP 8.0.

·    Fixed: Bad download link for 2754804.

·    Updated Database.


NOTE: The path to the cmd files must not contain Unicode characters.

·    Note: 2737681 is for Win7 Enterprise French version only and not included in KUC.

·    Updated Database.

·    Updated Satisfy WU.

·    Thanks to pointzero for cross-checking.

NOTE or x86 DVD installations: I was not able to remove some of the superseded (version) updates of 7 hotfixes. Also if I tried to add the new once, the installation
fails. Due to this situations the following updates will not be remove from a DVD image: 2647753-v3, 2647753-v2, 2647753-v2, 2723222-v1, 2724781-v2, 2726399-v2,
2731847-v1, 2733420-v2. You may be able to remove them with no problem. Also it’s possible to remove them online after OS installation. If you get installation errors
while installing the versions of those updates, you can re-add the old version. After re-adding; the installation of the new versions worked fine for me.

·    Enhancement: If you run KUC for W7 on Win8 systems, it will now create the packages.txt file for Win7 DVD-image or VHD-drive automatically.

·    Enhancement: server update 2652137 (iSCSI TargetDisk) moved from normal updates to server additions. You can now check this addition with a new checkbox.
NOTE: This update may cause VSS issues with some third-party backup-programs. So if you get VSS errors uninstall this server addition.
If you already have installed this update, check if your backups are working.

·    Updated Database.

·    Fixed: minor red/blue colour issues.

·    Fixed: Changed reference array size from 2000 to 3000.

·    Fixed: If WinEmb-USBBOOT is not present 2654644 must be removed.

·    Updated Database.

·    Fixed: 2740522 missing link

·    Updated Database.

·    Fixed: 2712808 removed from Satisfy WU database. Thanks to steven4554

·    Enhancement: If an update is already downloaded with an old version and the new update has the same filename
KUC now checks the repository if the correct file size is present. [Example: 2545698 version (new) and (old)]
KUC only checks the file size of superseded updates with the same filename.

·    Fixed: 2744842 was not found as IE9 update

·    Fixed: 2598845 was not found as IE8 update

·    Updated Database.

·    Added: Do not copy an update from repository subfolders, if this update exists in the repository main folder.


Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.60 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Removed: “Don’t ignore any” and “ALL other Additions”; were only needed for debugging purpose.

·    Enhancement: If you deselect “remove superseded updates” missing GDR packages of GDR/LDR updates
will not be offered as missing, if the LDR package has already been installed.

·    Fixed: minor issues found during creation of KUC for Win8.

·    Changed: New filename for the .exe (So update you shortcuts)

·    Fixed: If 2506143 (WinMan) is installed, 2740522 is superseded! Thanks to burfadel

·    Fixed: If GroupPolicy is selected and not RSAT or vice versa, 2738974-v3 is needed! Thanks to pointzero and bapt
Note: If RSAT is not installed and you select to install RSAT, you will need a 2. run of KUC to get this update.

Also Note: More than one run of KUC is always useful.

Some packages can only be installed, if others are installed or removed before.

·    Fixed: updated reference file for Win7x64. Thanks to woniu and RickSteele!

·    Fixed: 2510531x86 is not superseded.

·    Updated Database.

·    Number of known updates 1331. (Win7x64 client will not find any new updates). 

·    Fixed: 2510531x86 is not superseded.

·    Updated Database.

·    Number of known updates 1331.

·    Fixed: some minor issues.

·    Updated Database.

·    Fixed: wrong version of 2724306 in database.

·    Added: new version of CSVView to zip file.
Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.51 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Overview of the Command-Line switches.

/REPO-DIR:              the folder where KUC searches for updates or downloads updates to
/UP-DIR:                   the working folder
/ONYLCABS:             if you have only .cab files in your repo-dir folder
/DVD-IMAGE-DIR:    the folder you mount a DVD image
/VHD-DRIVE:            the folder/drive you mount a VHD-DRIVE

·    Updated Database.

·    2506143 (Windows Management Framework 3.0) must be installed on 2008R2 servers,
if you want to manage them from Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 or RSAT for Windows 8.
Make sure you have enabled the ISE feature on the server before installation. You also must have installed .Net 4.0 or 4.5

·    Fixed:                       all known issues.

·    Enhancement:          To avoid reported problems with some video drivers 2685811/2685813 will get KUC-State:
OK/WARNING            if installed
ADDLATER                if missing
They will not be installed without user interaction.
To install these updates:
You have to copy them from the repo to the LDR folder manually after you run “Copy_Files_2_add.cmd” and before you run “update.cmd”.

Note: I removed this updates from auto-installation even I think the problems are caused by the (bad) video driver.
I’m using them with no issues. (AMD driver 8.980.0.0 dated 2012-06-11). 
But hotfixes should avoid problems and not to be a (at least) part of them.

·    Updated Database.

·    Fixed: Seems that some users have so much old RTM and new packages installed that one Array gets to small.
This results in “FATAL Error: 9; Index was outside the bounds of the array.”
I resized the array from 2000 to 3000. 

·    Fixed: Testing of WIN7 packages.txt and DVD/VHD update of WIN7 should now work on WIN8.
KUC still does not maintain WIN8 packages.txt.

·    Updated Database.

·    Enhancement: if KUC finds BAD packages for RTM; included in SP1 or Beta they will be ignored.
Note: BAD packages should always be removed to avoid unknown interactions with other updates.
But, if the BAD package was present before installation of SP1, KUC can not repair them.
(Normally RTM updates can not be installed on systems with SP1 included.)
I saw a lot of download tries on my server for RTM packages, so I decided to ignore BAD RTM packages.
This enables those users to use KUC without changing there packages.txt file.

·    Number of known updates 1298.

·    Repo Server Changes: File Search will now find Win8 hotfixes/updates as well.

·    Updated “Satisfy WU”.

·    Updated database.

·    Number of known updates 1224.

·    Enhancement: wudfcoinstaller version detection for the updates 2685811/2685813 (replaces 999158/999159).
Note: 999158/999159 remains a problematic update. After integration I was not able to reset the DVD image to the SP1 version
of the updated files. DISM posts no error but did not uninstall the updated files.
For me it was not possible to integrate 2685811/2685813 correctly into the DVD.
So I marked 2685811/3 as DVD prohibited to ensure that the installation works correctly online after system installation.
The problem does not occur, if 999158 and 999159 had not been integrated.
So you may be able to integrate this updates successfully. But I want to be on the save site.
Users having problems with the online installation of 2685811/3 should look at my FAQ for a 999158/9 online cleanup.
Just found out that one of my PCs also shows this behaviour (Was installed 18 months ago, so 999158/9 was not integrated)

·    There is also a new windows 8 update and hotfix repo on my server. http://www.windows-update-checker.com/win8/
Note: file search only finds window7 files.

·    Updated database.
(The next 3 weeks I have holydays, so do not expect the next update until then.)

·    Updated database.

·    Updated database.

·    Updated database.

·    Removed: Download from “hotfix.chris123nt.com”

·    “Fixed”: On computers with low resolutions and/or high DPI settings Control-Buttons where not shown.
Now you can resize the main KUC windows and I added Scroll-Bars to them.
If you still can not see the buttons try using first “Maximize” and then “Restore” and then resize the window. 
I think the problem is not really fixed, but it is a crutch.

·    Updated database.

·    Changed: If CSVView.exe exists, the outputfile will open in CSVView.exe
Note: There is a new version of CSVView.exe v1.50 available. Link:  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html

·    Fixed: 2642658 was not shown as ADSL/RSAT update.

·    Updated “Satisfy WU” database for x86 systems.
Note: 976002 (BrowserChoice) and 971033 (WindowsActivation) may also come up as Windows updates but are not included in the database, since they can be selected separately on the “Select Check Options 1” screen.

·    Updated database.

·    Changed: Timeout value for downloading from 5 to 15 sec.

·    Known Issues: Sometimes 2699988 (IE8 Cum update) can not be added to a DVD image or installed online if IE9 is present.

·    Added: some useful MicrosoftFixits to my server.

·    Updated database.

·    Number of known updates 1172.

·    Fixed: If Windows Update was never set, remove_old.cmd failed to start.

·    Fixed: Added exception for 976002, which can not be removed.

·    Updated database.

·    Updated “OLD for BAD” on KUC server.
Note: Some users did not have installed the correct SP1 they have a pre-release or beta version.
KUC is not intended to work with those versions. KUC now will check if the correct SP1 is installed.

Also there are corrupt installations of SP1 on the market. You can identify this, if you get a lot of unknown

·    Enhancement: KUC now tests, if correct SP1 version is installed.

·    Enhancement: Support for CSVView.exe. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html
Place the exe in same directory folder as the KUC program (or the “Start in” folder).
Even if you have Excel installed, which gives you more control, try the CSVView.exe, it’s very quick.

·    Updated database.

·    Added: updated beta/CP kb numbers for update identification (Thanks puzyr for his packages.txt).

·    Added: identification of AD LDS version 6.1.7601.17514.
You only get this version if you had 975541 installed before you add SP1.
If you install 975541 on a SP1 preinstalled system the version will stay 6.1.7600.16521

·    Enhancement: Version detection for the updates 999158 and 999159.
Note: As with 2506143, KUC will remove the old version of 999158 and 999159 first
before it adds the new version.
Else not all updates files will be installed. Even if dism says: 100% ok.

To install the new version of 999158 a second run of KUC is required, after reboot!
Also delete existing versions of 2506143, 999158 and 999159 in the repo folder.
KUC will not add 999158 or 999159, if it finds existing old msu or cab files of this updates.
Also rerun KUC after installation and reboot to check if 999158 and 999159 are installed correctly.

·    Enhancement: Special handling for the 2545698 & 2693391 BSOD bug.

·    Changes: Texts and tooltips of Select Options 2 are now more understandable (I hope) (Thanks to joflomo).

·    Fixed: Not “Windows Update is enabled” warning necessary for DVD or VHD removals.

·    Changes: Renamed “KEEP” folder on the KUC server to “Satisfy WU”
I think I was the first one, who implements this kind of updates in his database and named it “GDR/LDR to KEEP”,
but now the term “Satisfy WU” is more commonly used, and indeed it says more.

·    Fixed: “search for missing file” on KUC server now works with BAD packages.

·    Fixed: [Package Identity] was not show correctly for “BAD” BF_ packages.

·    Fixed: All versions of a KB were marked BAD, even though only one version has BAD packages.

·    Fixed: <You did not run “Dism /online /Cleanup-Image /spsuperseded /hidesp’> was not shown at program end.

·    Number of known updates 1114.

·    Updated database.

·    Fixed: 2632149 was not marked as superseded (Thanks to compstuff).

·    Fixed: superseding update numbers of 2425227 were incorrect.

·    Added: updated beta/CP kb numbers for identification.

·    Added: updated RTM kb numbers for identification.

·    Fixed: wsusscan.cab was not deleted in LP cab folders.

·    Fixed: installed IE9 languages are now known.

·    Fixed: KUC now identifies LIPPacks.

·    Updated database.

·    Fixed: Max number of updates to add did not work (only version

·    Updated database.

·    Fixed: bad filename for IE9 language packages.

·    Fixed: 2502285_BFx86 was missing in reference
2549724 was present as v1 & v2
(since both of them are superseded this issue should not have been seen)

·    Updated “OLD for BAD” folders.

·    Enhancement: Remover now checks, if Windows Update is enabled.
Note: Always disable Windows Update during the use of KUC.
Set WU to “Never check for updates” or
“Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them”.
If you only want to add updates that’s not nessesary.

·    Know issues: KUC marks some installed IE9 language packages as unknown.

·    Enhancement: Updater now checks, if copier has already run.

·    Enhancement: Exclusive installation of 2533552 (windows-servicingstack).
If you select this, only 2533552 will be installed.
It’s highly recommended to
restart after adding this update. Also all other updates that are marked as “Important” by Microsoft should be installed before.

·    Fixed: Some tooltips were missing or faulty.

·    Fixed: If check for superseded was not selected, KUC tried to download superseded updates in the “OLD for BAD” folders. That was incorrect, since here only that updates can be found, that have raised a BAD issue.

·    Changed: Make the output file for Excel a little bit more readable; fill empty cells with one blank.

·    Revised: Tooltips for Output Options window.

·    Revised: Checkbox texts and layout of Output Options window.

·    Updated database.

·    Enhancement: info about installed IE8 packages is now shown on the first screen.

·    Enhancement: search for missing files if download fails. So you can download them manually.

·    Fixed: ADFS and AD LDS were shown as possible on server core.

·    Fixed: Direct Access 20 was shown as possible on server core or embedded images.

·    Fixed: 2685051 was offered as normal update but it’s for IIS. (Thanks to PointZero)

·    Fixed: 2695401 was not found on my server. (Thanks to drizzle)

·    Fixed: Download button was not enabled in some situations.

·    Updated database.

·    Number of known updates 1103.

·    Fixed: All known issues.

·    Fixed: filename for IE9 language packs.

·    Fixed: if you use a wrong switch KUC will no longer treat that as input file and displays an error.

·    Fixed: if user unchecked “check for superseded updates” missing superseded updates were not added to the copier.

·    Fixed: some IE8 packages where marked as REMOVEONLINE even if check for IE8 updates was selected.

·    Added: getpackages.cmd now creates the dism log-file in the working folder.

·    Updated “OLD for BAD” folders on web server

·    Added: Installation of LP for IE9. (Already installed LP will not be shown)
Do not try to add IE9 languages packs of a language that is not supported by the installed OS languages!

Dism will start the installation and result in Error: 0x800f0830 “The specified image is no longer serviceable.”
For online installations:
If you start dism again you get: Error: 3017
“The requested operation failed. A system reboot is required to roll back changes made.”
Unfortunately, that does not work.
The only solution that works is a repair / update installation of Windows.
I ended up in that error while testing the new IE LP option.
I wanted to give a list of all LPs the user could select.
The only save method to check if a LP is suitable for the installed languages is installation via the .msu file.
I changed the program to offer only LPs for languages already installed. This is a strict compare; that means:
a LP is only offered, if the exact OS LP is installed. Since there are round about 90 LP for IE9 but only 35 OS for windows 7,
there must be some IE9 LPs that could be installed on the same OS LP.
If you don’t see “Add LP for IE9” you have already installed all possible LP.
You can see, there are many changes this time. Most of them are a result of the new command line options for DVD and VHD images.
How to integrate updates into a DVD image
How to integrate updates into a VHD


·    Updated database.

·    Number of known updates 1102.

·    Added: KUC now can install IE9 (useful for DVD/VHD images).

·    Added: command line switch /VHD-drive:H:\
Use this switch to maintain VHD volumes of virtual machines.
There is only one difference between /DVD-image-dir: and /VHD-drive:
DVD prohibited updates will not be removed, if they are installed.
(It may by possible that “online only” updates can be installed too, but I am not sure about that yet.)

·    Fixed: The options you selected on “Select Output Options” were not correctly shown at Program End.

·    Fixed: Not all needed IE8 updates where shown.

·    Fixed: broken download link on KUC internet page and Documentation.

·    Changes in remover: All packages are now removed with the /norestart option.
For online removals, a system restart is added at the end of the commandlet.

·    Fixed: If the DVD-image-dir folder did not exist, KUC displayed a wrong error message, showing the repo folder name instead.

·    Fixed: quotes removed around %option% in Update_Normal.cmd.

·    Added: If the /up-dir: switch is used, the packages.txt file will be created in the working folder, if it exists.
NOTE: Changing the working folder later in the program will not affect the location of packages.txt.

·    Added: Check if offline folder is empty. (“No image was mounted?”)

·    Added: /Logfile option to dism.log in working folder for the remover.

·    Added: echo time in remover.

·    NOTE: If you are maintaining VM- or DVD-images, disabling the virus scanner may be a good advice (BUT: caution).

·    Advice: If you have to remove more than 100 packages (VHD or ONLINE) you should restart after 100 removals before you continue.
That will make things quicker.

·    Added for offline processing: do not add a newer version of an update to an offline image as long as the old version exists.

·    Added for offline processing: remove the new and the old version, if more than one version is installed.

·    Added: display the right order to use the commandlets.

·    Added: display ONLINE|DVD-image|VHD-drive in the window title.

·    Added: KUC version as last line in packages_out.txt

·    Fixed: Bad download link for 2660649.

·    Advice: If you have to install a large amount of updates, you can remove the “pause” lines in the update commandlets.
(useful for overnight installations)


·    Added: check for \”
NOTE: Do not use a \” to terminate a folder in the command line options.
Skip the \ or skip the .
For example don’t use
Due to an error in .net this is interpreted as
and brakes the command line arguments past to the program.

Use /up-dir:”c:\wu”  or /up-dir:c:\wu  instead.

Especially, if you point to the root folder of a drive, do not use


use                / DVD-Image-dir::F:\     instead.

This is not a KUC issue. You can reproduce this with dism also.

·    Updated database.

·    Number of known updates 1099.

·    No program changes / No known issues.  

·    New command line switch for offline integration /DVD-Image-dir:”f:\offline”.
Replace “f:\offline” with the folder you mount your wim image.
Note: This is a
first try of this new option, so handle with care.
Specials for this switch:
1. No DVD prohibited updates will be offered to install.
2. If you have already installed one of this updates they will be marked as removable.
3. Limit for max Updates disabled.
4. The offline folder is automatically set in the cmd files.
5. No reboot after running update.cmd
(more to come)

·    Updated database.

·    Updated GDR to Keep.  

·    New other Addition DA.

·    Updated database.  

·    Added new KUC-State “OK/INFO”: update is installed, but some additional actions may be needed.
From time to time I will update this for old updates.
It’s a new KUC-State, so I have to go trough all the updates to look if, for example, a registry change is needed.
It will also be a little bit complicated, if an updates is superseded the registry-change may still be needed.
Actually there is only one hotfix marked with this (2655998).

·    Fixed: some corrupted hotfixes on my server (2555958x64, 2456741x64, 2477042x64).

·    Fixed: text on startup screen for creating offline-image packages.txt file.

·    Fixed: if using /OnlyCabs all .msu were downloaded, not only the missing once. (Thanks to Jekyll40 for finding the issues)

·    Updated database.  

·    Don’t add 976902 to remover even if BAD. (976902 can not be uninstalled)

·    BUG-fix: version-check.

·    Change AD LDS assignment on servers.

·    Added: Command line option /OnlyCabs (for ricktendo64).

·    BUG-fix: create updater not always was checked, if there were missing updates.

·    Version-checking now informs if reference version is also installed.

·    Updated database.

·    During program testing I forget to remove download link to old version (Thanks to PointZero for finding that issue)
You must download this version manually.  http://windows-update-checker.com/download/KUC%20UpdateChecker-Beta-v.
(Also note: I renamed the original version to and placed version in the  

·    Updates of the repo folder are now copied from subfolders (Thanks to ADamb for suggestion).
Note: Downloader will still save files in the main repo folder

·    Updated database.

·    some new updates.

·    Updated GDR to keep.

·    If the working folder exists, “Copy_files_2_add.cmd” and “Remove_OLD.cmd” will be created there.  

·    Download of KUC now visible (Thanks to PointZero for the suggestion).

·    BUG fix: Ntbackup was mistakenly found as present (ver. 8.2.5-8.2.7)  

·    Updated database.

·    1 new updates.

·    Updated GDR to keep.

·    Updated superseded updates.

·    new Homepage: http://windows-update-checker.com  

·    Updated database.

·    2 new updates  

·    Some minor bugs removed.

·    Updated download links.

·    Check for admin rights changed (old way took to long on server editions).

·    Added information about some unknown updates.

·    Sometimes select options 1 window came in front of select option 2 window.

·    Known issues: depending on your virus scanner download stay a long time at about 99%.

·    uploaded 943790x64 again due to file corruption.  

·    Updated database.

·    Number of known updates 1045.  

·    Some minor bugs removed.  

·    New update downloader inside of KUC.
This downloader allows you to download missing updates
directly inside of KUC. The old method via wget is removed.
KUC now downloads missing updates from 3 different servers,
so a maximum of 9 simultaneously downloads is possible.
This eliminates the need of downloading the very large .7z files.
You only download what you really need; with impressive download speed.
The updates will be downloaded to the repository folder. I think that makes sense,
one folder to collect the updates, one work folder to update the system.


·    Updated database.

·    Number of known updates 1000.

·    A lot of minor bugs removed.

·    New auto check for KUC version-update and internal downloader.

·    Solved BUG that 1 update was missing in the output file.

·    Maximum number of updates now is editable.

·    This will be the last KUC version I publish on mediafire.

·    Thanks again to PointZero for extensive bug checking.  

·    Updated database.

·    Number of known updates 988

·    This time there were so many database changes, so I didn’t change anything other.  

·    “BAD” updates did not download

·    Windows6.1-KB2603229-x64.msu was corrupt on my server

·    Position of IE counter corrected

·    Position of Option window 2 corrected, for font scaling

·    Win7 does not wait for “RMDIR” or “RD” to complete (some computer), that’s a strange behaviour.
I add a loop to wait in the cmd files
If you see the “wait for RMDIR” to long (more than some seconds) the folder to remove is in use.
Cancel the cmd; close open programs; start the cmd again

·    Update.cmd does not contain Update_LDR any more, if BAD packages were found.
So you can always call update.cmd

·    The pause after 10 removes is removed in the remover (I like that sentence)

·    If an old version of 2506143 is installed, it now gets KUC-State REMOVE and the newer version
gets “ADD/LATER”. After removing the old version, remember to install 2506143 exclusively.
I suggest: Do not install 2506143. I had problems on my 2008R2 server with the
installation of the Rollup-Update for SP1 of Exchange 2010 (a powershell cmd failed).
After removing 2506143 no problems.
Also don’t integrate it into an installation DVD. Setup will not work.
Note that 2506143 requires .Net 4.0 which is normally not installed in the DVD.
Since the KUC-state is now ADD/EXCLUSIVE, it will not install automatically

·    change offline installation line to /image:c:\offline in updater  (Thanks to dolivas)

·    packages.txt file can now be unicode-encoded (Special for RickSteele)  

·    In the last version the numbers of the superseding updates were missing. (Thanks to PointZero)

·    Update.cmd will now correctly be placed in the working folder.

·    Updated database.

·    If there was a delimiter in the work folder name, copy_Files_2_add did not work correctly. (Thanks to RickSteele)  

·         Updated database

·         Updated download links  

·         Download of missing updates now working.
To use this option, place wget.exe in the Update-Folder
From this version on its best to place KUC in the update working folder
wget.exe must be found in the path or placed in the same folder where Copy_Files_2_add.cmd is created.

·         Updated database

·         Mirror spelling corrections  

·         Downgrade .net requirements from 4.0 to 3.5 to use KUC on a fresh installed system.

·         Checking for Admin rights at program start

·         Checking if output file is open at program start and retry option

·         Moving of inactive window now possible

·         Increase checking and output speed

·         Server Grouppolicy and VMdriver are checked by default.

·         New Select Option: KUC  use “GDR/LDR to keep” to avoid 'update available':
Some superseded updates pop up with 'new updates are available', if they are not installed.
If you check this box, KUC will take care that these updates are installed.
If you uncheck this box you have to hide these updates manually.
(right click on the update + select hide update).

·         “Copy_Files_2_add” now divides updates in Normal and LDR updates.

·         “Copy_Files_2_add” now checks if all files were copied.

·         You now can minimize all KUC windows to bring Excel “to the top”.

·         You can create “update.cmd” files to install Normal and/or LDR updates.

·         Limit the number of updates to serve to 75 as option.

·         Normal Updates will be installed via .cab files to avoid dism error 0x80070032. LDR updates via update-bf.mum.

·         New BAD packages resolver.
If KUC finds BAD packages in your installations, KUC creates cmd files to solve the problem. You must not change any options, only the “from” and “to” folders.
First                 run “Copy_files_2_add.cmd”;
second             run “update_Normal.cmd”;
then restart your system and run KUC again.
If the above procedure does not solve you problem run “Remove_old.cmd”

·       New command line options: “/repo-dir:” and “/up-dir:”
Use a shortcut to KUC and call KUC with the /repo-dir: and/or the /up-dir: switch
If you do this you don’t have to set the folders every time you run KUC.

·       Normal Update installation:
First                 run “Copy_files_2_add.cmd”;
second             run “update.cmd” in the “WU” folder;
then restart your system and run KUC again.
Note: some updates require other updates to be installed first, so allow some DISM error messages. For online installations, you should run “Remove_old.cmd”
after all updates are installed. For image installations, you should always run the remover first.

·         Moving output options to a separate window + adding a lot new output options.

·         Show overview of the KUC-States at the output windows

·         Option to create Remove_old.cmd

·         Option to create Copy_files_2_add.cmd

·         Possibility to select a update repository (see also /repo-dir: switch)

·         Possibility to select a working folder

·         Option to create update.cmd

·         Option to limit the number of updates

·         Known BUGS: For server installations, keep care that the correct 917607 is placed in your repository folder, else KUC will always install and remove the (wrong) client version.  

·         Resolved program BUG: blanks in Remove_old.cmd

·         Resolved database BUG: 2656946 is for server RSAT or ADLDS but was shown as normal  

·         Implementation of Update List 2012-02-17

·         Number of known updates = 927.

·         Add new variable %dest% to remove_old.cmd for offline images.

·         2. Try Position of second screen moved for small resolutions.  

·         Implementation of Update List 2012-02-02.

·         Added: New option to ignore “OK”-state updates in the Output list.

·         Position of second screen moved for small resolutions.

·         New copy_files_2_add.cmd file. Use this file to copy needed update files form a repository folder to an update directory.
Inside this cmd-file are two set variables that you must modify to match your needs.
Repo_Path is the folder where your update repository (all updates you have) lays. 
Update_Path is the folder where the updates are copied to (working folder). From this folder you can update your system. Note: The Update_path folder must exist.
(Next version will contain a possibility to change the folder variables directly.)  

·         Updated Update database  

·         Implementation of Update List 2012-01-15a  (there was a version error for 2615128)

·         Added 2644615 for x86 as GDR to keep  

·         Bugs fixed. Some BPA and ADLDS packages were displayed as missing. (I used a W7xE64 instead of W7x64). Sorry. Added 2644615 for x64 as GDR to keep.)  

·         Implementation of Update List 2012-01-15

·         New “Remove_old.cmd” file created at the end of the program.

·         Now it is possible to select the features you want updates for.

·         New Select option use ‘force LDR install’

·         New “Show Totals” / “Show Details” toggle button.

·         Total shows values after you perform the cleanup and update installation.

·         KUC automatically checks/unchecks the boxes for you. If you did not use ‘force LDR install’ before, KUC will uncheck the box. If KUC does not find and IIS update installed, the IIS checkbox is unchecked else checked. And so on.  
If ‘force LDR install’ is unchecked all installed BF packages will be marked as removable. In addition, ‘check for updates that are present as GDR and LDR’ is disabled then.  
If you uncheck a feature update, all installed packages for this feature will also get KUC-State “REMOVE/FORCE”.
If Hyper-V updates are unchecked, you cannot check for remoteFx updates.
There are still some limitations if an update belongs to more than one feature and/or addition.

·         Corrections: Tooltip assignment; Client BPA now disabled for x86; check for server additions now disabled for client foundations. Calculation of missing packages in Select Check Options 1 window.(still faulty)

·         Changed Calculation of add and remove packages. If there is a version-update of a package it now counts twice: one for add (new version) and one for remove (old version).  

·         I made a lot of changes in this version, so please report any bugs you find to my support email address (packages.txt and selected options included).

·         Also I changed a lot in the description of KUC so read the first post (again).

·         The names of the other Additions KUC found are now shown as tooltip, if you move the mouse over the other Additions found text.

·         Implementation of Server-Additions

·         Output file now contains the new column [KUC-Type]

·         Details for other Additions

·         Updated tooltip texts.

·         Split Check Options and Final Overview window, now there are two windows.

·         New calculations for the number of packages present, to add or to remove.

·         The “Superseded” and “GDR with LDR:” numbers are wrong and I disabled them in the published version.

·         I don’t have any problems with 2592546 on Intel processor systems, so I added an option to use it. To use 2592546 call the program with the command line switch “/use2592546(option will be removed after new version of 2592546 is out).

·         The KUC-State for online-only updates, like 2603229, was always set to IGNORE, now the KUC-State depends on the installation state. (KUC assumes an online packages.txt file, if installation state is “Installed”.   

·         Date of Update-List in version 6.8.12 was mistakenly shown as 2011-12-30.   Full reference for Storage Server 2008R2 essential, Small Business Server 2011 essential and Home Server 2011.
Implementation of Update List 2011-12-31. (new types and updates)   Bug fix: All missing updates were ignored when checking servers.
Removing quotes in Notepad Output-File.
Added: Generic support for Windows Storage Server 2008R2, Windows Small Business Server 2011 and Windows Home Server 2011. I don’t have a reference file at the moment (points to WMS2011), so there may be (only a few for hyper-v) updates shown as missing, that do not apply. Also the Rollup-updates for those servers will not be shown as missing. (coming up soon)
New check-option: “other additions” (these are all addition, that are not scanned separately. Like : “WinHelp”, “NTBackup”, “Fmapi”, “MS agent”, …)
Server Updates for “failover cluster”, “hyper-v”, “media-server” and “remoteFx” are now classified to separate them from other updates. (check-options for them are planed)
Fixed known bugs.   Implementation of Update List 2012-12-22.
Now it’s possible to create/open an output file for Notepad.
New KUC-State “BAD/IGNORE”: Some problematic update installation result in a package state “Not Present”. You can’t remove these packages directly. Normally the re-installation for the GDR and/or LDR version of the update resets this faulty state.
If you didn’t remove old RTM updates that are superseded by SP1, you now get a warning message at the end of the program and “OLD RTM foundation parts found” text is displayed.
New KUC-State “ADD/EXCLUSIVE”: Some updates should be installed exclusively. Don’t install those updates with any other packages together.
Updated and more detailed [KUC-StateRemarks]
New check-options: Virtual PC (VPC), Windows Identity Foundation (WIF), Windows Update Agent (WUA)   Implementation of Update List 2012-12-18.
2592546 set to “do not install” or “REMOVE”; this update contains faulty code.   Implementation of Update List 2012-12-16. All Updates of the last patch day included.
Updated “GDR to keep” database.
2619234 was not found as installed.
Fixed checking of “present as GDR and LDR” for IE9 updates didn’t work.   Change name of ADD/REMOVE to REMOVE/ADD to make it clearer that you have to remove the old version before adding the new version.
Local Packs are set to OK by default or IGNORE, if RTM version found.
Better handling of special packages.
Improved searching of superseded updates.
Implementation of Update List 2012-12-13.
Adding special routine to manage Windows-Update-Agent updates.
Fixed known bugs.   I forgot that there are a few people on the world that use different date/time formats! I changed input and output format of [Install Time] to string. If the computer you created the packages.txt file and the computer you check this file have different date/time formats, Excel will show wrong installation date.   initial release